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Life Admin Life Hacks Podcast

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Tools, techniques and tips to tackle your life admin with efficiency. Dinah Rowe-Roberts and Mia Northrop introduce ways to drop your mental load, save you time and money, create peace of mind and restore harmony in...


080: Unlocking meaning in the everyday with Casper ter Kuile

Season #8 Episode #80

In this episode, Mia and Dinah interview Casper ter Kuile, author of The Power of Ritual and co-founder of The Nearness, about infusing meaning and ritual into daily routines to transform how Mia and Dinah approach...
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079: Dream big and plan smart with Kristina Karlsson

Season #8 Episode #79

Much loved the world over, Swedish-born Kristina Karlsson is the Founder of kikki.K, Founder & Creative Director of Dream Life, author of bestseller Your Dream Life Starts Here and host of the Your Dream Life...
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078: AI shortcuts for life admin

Season #8 Episode #78

In this episode, Mia and Dinah explore the AI tools Chat GPT and Google’s Bard to expedite your life admin and drop your mental load. Mia and Dinah talked about: Key differences between ChatGPT and Bard Chat GPT has...
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077: Penny Locaso on hacking happiness

Season #8 Episode #77

Penny Locaso is the world’s first Happiness Hacker on a quest to teach 10 million humans by 2025 how to flourish in life. Voted one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia, Penny works with...
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076: Olivia Clayton on how to get organised with ADHD

Season #8 Episode #76

In this episode, Olivia Clayton shares the impact of ADHD on organisational skills, common challenges faced by individuals with ADHD, and practical strategies and tools to help adults with ADHD stay organised. Olivia...
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075: Managing productivity with Donna McGeorge

Season #8 Episode #75

In this episode Mia and Dinah interview productivity coach, Donna McGeorge. Donna is passionate about enhancing the large amount of time we spend in our workplace (too much, for many) to ensure it is effective and...
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074: Managing your career admin

Season #8 Episode #74

In this episode, Mia and Dinah interview executive coach and recruitment expert June Parker. June Parker is an executive coach, people strategist and facilitator with 20 years of experience working in recruitment, HR...
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073: Life admin not worth doing

Season #8 Episode #73

In this episode, Mia and Dinah walk through how to decide what not life admin is not worth doing. They discuss the art of prioritising, delegating, and letting go of non-essential tasks to free up time for what truly...
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072: Laura Vanderkam on calming the chaos

Season #8 Episode #72

In this episode, Mia and Dinah interview author and time-tracking expert Laura Vanderkam. Laura Vanderkam is the author of several time management and productivity books, including the new Tranquility by Tuesday: 9...
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071: Embracing lists

Season #8 Episode #71

In this episode Mia and Dinah discuss the importance of using lists to improve productivity, save time, and reduce mental load. Lists are the secret to successful adulthood. How to make a list: where to start Mia and...
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