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Life Admin Life Hacks Podcast

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Tools, techniques and tips to tackle your life admin with efficiency. Dinah Rowe-Roberts and Mia Northrop introduce ways to drop your mental load, save you time and money, create peace of mind and restore harmony in...


070: Your money mindset

Season #7 Episode #70

In this episode, Mia and Dinah tap into the expertise of coach Nicole Alesios to discover how your money mindset and archetype impact your relationship with money, your habits and decisions about money management,...
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069: Sharing the mental load with your partner

Season #7 Episode #69

In this episode, Mia and Dinah dive into how to share the mental load, drawing on expertise from relationship expert and psychologist Dr Morgan Cutlip. About Dr Morgan Cutlip Morgan Cutlip has a PhD in Psychology,...
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068: Managing investments

Season #7 Episode #68

In this ep, Mia and Dinah talk to an expert about the life admin side of investing - it's a great way to build your wealth but also comes with paperwork and passwords. While anyone of working age has investments...
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067: Life admin for new parents

Season #7 Episode #67

In this ep, Mia and Dinah share their experiences and top hacks to streamline life admin for new parents. Conventional wisdom recommends parents-to-be focus their discussions and planning on housework and parenting....
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066: 7 Steps To Save Thousands On Household Bills

Season #7 Episode #66

With the cost of living on the rise, a key way to save money is to comparison shop your major household bills. In this ep we’ll help you get an understanding of the payoff to a methodical approach, seven steps to make...
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065: Navigating aged care

Season #7 Episode #65

At some stage, we all have to navigate appropriate aged care for ourselves or a loved one, so in this episode we turned to aged care expert Grace Petherick to demystify it for us all. Many of us are in the sandwich...
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064: Organising a wedding

Season #7 Episode #64

In this episode, we interview Ayla Toyokawa, certified wedding planner and founder of WedSites, about the key steps in planning a wedding.   About Ayla   Ayla Toyokawa is a certified wedding planner and founder of...
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063: The 5 myths of life admin

Season #7 Episode #63

There are challenges to life admin but they’re not what you think they are. In this episode, Mia and Dinah dispel the most common myths they hear that people tell themselves when it comes to life admin. We’ve been...
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062: Time 'management'

Season #7 Episode #62

About Christie Flora Christie Flora is the owner of florandorder, she’s a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist and she’s the one overwhelmed professionals turn to when they want to ‘do life differently’. Christie’s...
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061: Shopping for, storing and decluttering clothes

Season #7 Episode #61

In this episode, we talk about planning and making time for managing the clothes, accessories and shoes for you and your family. Keeping you and your family clothed might not automatically come to mind as life admin...
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