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Life Admin Life Hacks Podcast

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Tools, techniques and tips to tackle your life admin with efficiency. Dinah Rowe-Roberts and Mia Northrop introduce ways to drop your mental load, save you time and money, create peace of mind and restore harmony in...


060: Life admin for small business owners

Season #6 Episode #60

In this episode we interviewed Lee Doherty about how small business owners can drop their mental load and address their personal life admin, while streamlining their business admin.Lee Doherty is the founder of Admin...
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059: End of life admin

Season #6 Episode #59

Life admin can be stressful at the best of times but for people who are terminally ill or caring for a loved one, the admin related to end of life can feel overwhelming and relentless.In this episode we chat with Anna...
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058: Going solar

Season #6 Episode #58

There are more than three million homes across Australia that have rooftop solar, but with installation costs in the thousands, it can be difficult to figure out if it makes sense for you. This ep gives you all the...
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057: Organising your digital photos

Season #6 Episode #57

If you’re looking for the motivation, apps, and process to get your digital photos sorted once and for all, this ep where we interview Carly Michael is for you. About Carly Michael Carly Michael has spent her...
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056: Define it to refine it

Season #6 Episode #56

It is important to have a mental model of what life admin is in order to be able to approach it in a more systematic way Mia and Dinah start the episode by discussing how: for most people, life admin is a blurry...
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055: Essential digital life admin tools

Season #6 Episode #55

It's hard to keep up with best practices for technology and the latest apps, so in this episode we chat to expert Lynette Coulston to get her tips on essential digital life admin tools. About Lynette Coulston ...
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054: Daycare and school transitions

Season #6 Episode #54

This episode explores why transitions can be stressful, the key tools and processes you need to have humming to support daycare and school admin, and Mia and Dinah's top hacks for saving time, money and sharing the...
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053: Tina Paterson on burnout and sharing the mental load

Season #6 Episode #53

In this episode, we interview Tina Paterson, remote working and productivity expert, about burnout and how to avoid the ultimate level of exhaustion.  About Tina Paterson Tina Paterson has worked across nine...
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052: An Hour of Power and the Monthly Momentum Meeting

Season #6 Episode #52

This episode will help you think about how much time you need for life admin, in a whole new way.In a survey that Mia and Dinah conducted earlier this year, participants stated that when it came to life admin, finding...
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051: Michael Grose on upskilling your kids to contribute

Season #6 Episode #51

We chatted with parenting expert Michael Grose about how we can get our kids to contribute more, relieve the life admin burden and grow up to be efficient at their own life admin. Michael Grose, the founder of...
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