071: Embracing lists

Season #8 Episode #71

In this episode Mia and Dinah discuss the importance of using lists to improve productivity, save time, and reduce mental load. Lists are the secret to successful adulthood.

How to make a list: where to start

Mia and Dinah discuss the different types of lists: to-do lists, checklists, and reference lists. To-do lists consist of time-bound tasks that require action, while checklists help with recurring activities and ensure efficiency. Reference lists capture suggestions and recommendations and serve as a source of information.

Mia and Dinah highlight the importance of having a single source of truth for lists to avoid confusion and to easily share them with others. They recommend going digital by using apps like Notes or Reminders, which provide the convenience of accessing and sharing lists anytime and the added benefits of using voice commands through devices like Siri or Google Home Assistant.

Dina and Mia share their personal experiences with using digital lists and how it has improved their productivity. They mention the ability to set reminders, integrate lists with email, and even link tasks to specific people or locations. They recommend choosing a simple app that suits individual preferences and investing time in learning its features for automation.

Organising and prioritising your lists

The hosts also discuss the pitfall of including unnecessary items on lists. They suggest distinguishing between tasks that can be done immediately and those that require planning or execution at a later time. They mention the concept of "two-minute time killer tasks," which are better completed right away instead of adding them to a list.

Mia and Dinah stress the importance of using lists effectively to free up mental space, prioritise tasks, and streamline daily activities. They encourage listeners to embrace digital tools and develop a consistent system that works for them. By implementing these list hacks, individuals can enhance productivity, save time, and reduce stress associated with life admin tasks.

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