080: Unlocking meaning in the everyday with Casper ter Kuile

Season #8 Episode #80

In this episode, Mia and Dinah interview Casper ter Kuile, author of The Power of Ritual and co-founder of The Nearness, about infusing meaning and ritual into daily routines to transform how Mia and Dinah approach life admin tasks.

The inspiration for his book, The Power of Ritual, came from his secular upbringing and his curiosity about intentional living.

How to live intentionally

  • Casper highlights the need for intentional community-building in a world with fewer traditional religious structures.
  • The conversation delves into the scarcity of meaningful rituals in modern life, with weddings becoming one of the few grand moments.
  • Casper shares an example of his personal ritual, the "State of the Heart Order of the House" meeting, as a way to bring intentionality into daily life.
  • Rituals are defined as habits with added layers of meaning, serving to remind us of what's important and fostering gratitude.
  • Casper suggests reframing daily habits, like brushing teeth, with intentional practices to turn them into rituals.
  • He suggests starting with habits that already have some joy or meaning.
  • The three key steps to create meaningful rituals are: intention, attention, and repetition.
  • Intention: Begin by understanding why you perform a certain task. What is the deeper purpose or meaning behind it?
  • Attention: Pay close attention to the task at hand. Engage your senses, and be fully present during the ritual.
  • Repetition: Establish a consistent rhythm for your ritual. It doesn't have to be daily; it can be weekly or as suits your lifestyle.
  • Casper shares personal examples, like using a moisturiser application as a daily ritual for reflection.
  • He highlights the importance of creating a communal aspect to rituals, where people can share their experiences and challenges.
  • Find ways to make tasks less lonely by involving others, such as co-working sessions for administrative tasks.
  • Rituals connect us and make us feel part of something bigger, even in a virtual setting.
  • Consider how rituals can bring people together, foster support, and add meaning to routine tasks.
  • How a tech sabbath embraces traditional sabbath ideas in a modern way
  • How to go 'ritual spotting'
  • Connecting with nature and moments of transcendence to bring more spirituality into our lives during daily activities  LIFE ADMIN 

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