074: Managing your career admin

Season #8 Episode #74

In this episode, we interview executive coach and recruitment expert June Parker.

June Parker is an executive coach, people strategist and facilitator with 20 years of experience working in recruitment, HR consultancy, career coaching and technology development.
She has been a general manager, a business owner and now heads up the career coaching and transition practice at CLA where she leads a team and provides executive coaching to a range of clients from individual contributors to CEOs.  Her clients span a broad section of private, public and not-for-profit organisations.

We loved chatting with June Parker in this episode about all things career. The topics we covered included:

  • June’s experience that peace of mind is vital for her in her role, which is a fast-paced and intensive job. She attributes her peace of mind at work to being organized at home and emphasises the importance of finding work-life balance.
  • the changing dynamics of the job market during the pandemic and how people are reevaluating their career paths, leading to questions about job satisfaction, work expectations, and potential career changes.
  • when considering  a career change, the importance of understanding what career means to each individual, considering life stage, financial commitments, and personal aspirations.
  • the importance of self-awareness in identifying your skills, passions, and values.
  • using skills assessments and seeking feedback from others to recognize your strengths and potential career options.
  • how to manage the administrative aspects of changing jobs, including CV formatting and keeping track of job applications.
  • creating a master CV that includes all career accomplishments and achievements to easily tailor CVs for different job applications.
  • the importance keeping records of professional development and any positive feedback or commendations received.
  • the significance of LinkedIn for networking and job searching.
  • not spending excessive time researching each company before applying and focusing on quality applications tailored to specific roles.
  • reaching out to recruiters for assistance and maintaining connections through networking.
  • how job selection processes have evolved, with an increased focus on cultural fit, behavioral assessments, and personality profiling.
  • practicing cognitive tests to feel more comfortable during assessments balanced with  the importance of not over-researching and stressing over the process.
  • the need for continuous adaptation and learning in today’s job market, where individuals may have multiple careers and various jobs over their working lives.


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