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Life Admin Life Hacks Podcast

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Tools, techniques and tips to tackle your life admin with efficiency. Dinah Rowe-Roberts and Mia Northrop introduce ways to drop your mental load, save you time and money, create peace of mind and restore harmony in...


030: Sorting out life insurance

Season #3 Episode #30

Find out how much life insurance cover you need and what to do if you need to get some more. This episode talks about how to find out how much cover you already have, how to estimate how much cover you need and how to...
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027: Taking on admin for family members

Season #3 Episode #27

This episode will help you understand why you may need to help others with their life admin and some of the legal and practical considerations you need to consider if you take on that role. When do you need to step...
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026: Optimising kid admin

Season #3 Episode #26

Deal with the admin generated by and organised for children, which starts as soon as you get pregnant and never seems to end. Organisation tips for new parents This episode talks about how you can address the many...
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025: Embracing budgeting

Season #3 Episode #25

This episode will help you understand what sort of budget you need, get it done more efficiently and actually stick to it! This episode talks about the reasons you need a budget, the tools you can use to prepare a...
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024: Administering to your health

Season #3 Episode #24

Get your regular health checks on track and your health records sorted so you can find them when you need them. This episode provides some practical tips to save you time and give you peace of mind when it comes...
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021: Preparing for Christmas

Season #3 Episode #21

This episode will help make planning your Christmas an ode to joy! How to plan for Christmas with life admin There are a lot of life admin life hacks that can maximise your peace of mind, save money and save time...
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