062: Time 'management'

Season #7 Episode #62

Christie Flora is the owner of florandorder, she’s a Time Trainer and Goal Strategist and she’s the one overwhelmed professionals turn to when they want to ‘do life differently’. Christie’s strategies around time management, combined with her heart-centred and gentle approach keeps her clients on track to accomplishing their goals and seeing their calendars reflect their best life.

Christie believes that focus, planning and inner stillness create efficiency and purpose-led action. This is the basis of her coaching programs and the content and resources she creates.

Getting your life admin under control isn’t just about time management but it's certainly an essential skill to hone if you want to streamline your approach. 

We’re big fans of time boxing life admin tasks, where you set yourself a time limit, do what you can, and then stop. We’re also advocates for aligning your life admin with meaningful goals, scheduling tasks in a calendar and using to-do lists so you’re working on your priorities rather than red herrings.

Making the most of your time is a quest for the ages. In this episode, Mia and Dinah talked to time management expert Christie Flora to expand our thinking about the dimensions of time management.

Time management tips and tricks

The highlights of our chat include:

  • the way we live our lives is changing and we are changing time as we work more flexibly and remotely
  • time management is not a one-size-fits-all solution and your approach needs to adapt over time based on the chapter of your life
  • time management is actually about accommodating your energy and attention, recognising that you have different energy levels on different days and at different times of the day 
  • everyone has a unique relationship with and perception of time
  • observing yourself when you are procrastinating or distracted to break down your habits and create new habits
  • undertaking a time audit for two weeks: using a reminder on your phone or using a digital time tracker to help you diagnose your time management challenges
  • how setting goals helps you manage your time with intention
  • how our values can guide what we focus on and are the basis of our goals
  • the difference between productivity (getting the right things done) and efficiency( getting things done with the least amount of effort)
  • getting out of the “busyness” competition
  • thinking of your calendar as your best friend and having a shared family calendar to manage family logistics
  • to-do lists are a capture tool and if tasks will take longer than 10 minutes they should be included in your calendar
  • scheduling an Hour of Power in your calendar for chunky life admin tasks
  • scheduling planning time to review your calendar.

Life admin resources


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