059: End of life admin

Season #6 Episode #59

Life admin can be stressful at the best of times. However, for people who are terminally ill or caring for a loved one, the admin related to end of life can feel overwhelming and relentless.

How to deal with end of life care

In this episode Mia and Dinah chat with Anna Bolitho about some of the practical matters people need to consider including:

  • getting your estate planning in order
  • Advance Care Planning
  • using digital platforms to get your paperwork in order such as iDecide and My Life Wishes
  • making time to allocate or pass on sentimental items
  • the importance of not only documenting your wishes but also having a conversation with your loved ones about both your wishes and practical matters
  • planning what might happen to pets.

They also chat about the practical side of communications and helping out during someones’ end of life including:

  • thinking about the different circles of communication
  • the tools you can use for communication including WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups
  • digital tools to help with setting up rosters for meal delivery and pet walking such as Gather My Crew
  • providing projects to people at their end of life to keep them busy and connected with their community.

They also talk through the practical side of how to plan a funeral, including:

  • things to consider when choosing a funeral provider and package
  • understanding the different elements of funeral packages before you visit the funeral director (e.g. will you provide your own flowers?)
  • being creative in planning your funeral and including personal rituals (e.g. bring a coffee cart, fly a kite, serve champagne, give away your book collection)
  • considering a life celebration, to celebrate someone’s life before they pass.

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