Corporate Training

Looking to better support your people with the stresses and challenges of home life?


Support your people by dealing with the source of their stress

We boost employee wellbeing by better equipping them to manage everyday life by mastering their life admin and dropping their mental load. Our unique programs are backed by the productivity, neuroscience and behavioural science research informing our book, Life Admin Hacks, and are highly interactive, distinctly practical and totally relatable.

Life admin has a direct daily impact on employees’ stress, productivity, absenteeism and career progression. Reducing stress in their personal life improves their ability to bring their best self to work.

Your people are desperate to spend less time on life admin and keen to learn to do life admin better.

Life admin training for employees is a tangible, practical way to address these triggers of stress at their source and helps employers of choice achieve higher employee wellbeing and engagement. We help maximise employee potential and empower them to thrive by upskilling them to optimise and minimise their life admin. 

We offer:

  • private cohorts of The Art of Adulting and Life Admin Foundations online courses
  • virtual or face-to-face presentations and keynotes
  • 60-minute, half day and full day workshops
  • one-on-one or small group coaching for new parents, high achievers or emerging leaders.
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The toll of life admin

Source: 2021 Life Admin Study, n=303 Australians aged 25-55

Absenteeism & productivity

One in three have taken leave from work to attend to life admin and 1 in 3 do life admin at work at least several times a week.


Labour force participation

21% had reduced their workforce participation at some time due to life admin




Career goals

About one in three people felt that the magnitude of their life admin was preventing them from meeting career goals - 47% might take on further responsibility at work if their life admin was better under control

Topics we cover

  • A framework for categorising life admin - 'Name It To Tame It'
  • Essential life admin digital tools that promote efficiency and effectiveness
  • Streamlining the household to reduce decision making and share the load more equitably
  • Getting personal affairs in order (tax, super, wills, health checks) for peace of mind
  • Comparison shopping major household expenses to save money
  • Navigating social events and commitments to protect energy and time (e.g. organising Christmas, Diwali, Passover or Eid).

The outcomes

  • A better sense of control, confidence and calm in their personal life
  • More free time for me-time and we-time resulting from efficient systems and processes
  • Fewer financial concerns due to increased confidence with budgeting and comparison shopping 
  • Less household friction based on new approaches to sharing responsibilities.




Support your employees’ holistic wellbeing and development

We’ll help you deliver on your employee value proposition through highly relevant, inclusive learning experiences for your people.