093: Graduating from a 'life admin day'

Season #10

Transition from a dedicated life admin day to a more efficient approach for better organisation. Discover how to tackle the mental load of life admin with productivity hacks. 

In this episode Mia and Dinah delve into the concept of a Life Admin Day and its effectiveness in managing the overwhelming tasks of adult life. They explore the challenges and benefits of dedicating a specific day to tackle life admin tasks and provide alternative approaches for a more efficient and sustainable life admin routine.

The Concept of a Life Admin Day

Mia and Dinah discuss the approach of setting aside a dedicated day to address various life admin tasks. They highlight the common activities involved, such as 

  • Email management
  • Digital photo organisation
  • Decluttering
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Paying bills
  • Comparison shopping
  • Dealing with paperwork
  • Buying gifts.

Challenges of a Life Admin Day

They discuss the potential drawbacks of relying solely on a  life admin day including:

  • Inflexibility - waiting to deal with life admin all in one day may lead to stress and frustration if unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • Overwhelming - accumulating life admin tasks and addressing them all on a single day can make the workload seem overwhelming.
  • Exhausting - spending an entire day dealing with paperwork and errands can be mentally and physically exhausting. 
  • Neglecting Regular Maintenance -some life admin tasks are best managed through consistent, smaller efforts. Neglecting these tasks until a designated day may result in a mess that requires even more time and effort to address.
  • More difficult to share the load  - if you have life admin that can be shared with other household members , finding a whole day where everyone is available and willing to contribute to life admin tasks can be challenging
  • Inefficient Use of Time - not all life admin tasks require an entire da

Evolving Life Admin Processes

Mia and Dinah advocate for a shift towards incorporating smaller, more frequent life admin sessions into weekly routines. They introduce the concept of:

  • Two Minutes Too Easy - fast easy tasks that can be done as soon as they appear on your radar

  • Ten Minute Time Killers - life admin tasks that can be done in idle time 

  • Hour of Power - regular time scheduled to heal with substantial life admin tasks 

Family Dynamics and Time Management

They address the impact of family dynamics on dedicating a full day to life admin tasks, particularly for individuals with children. They stress the importance of finding a balance between managing life admin and enjoying quality time with family and friends.


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