087: Staying on top of life admin

Season #9

Mia and Dinah talk about what it means to be 'on top of things', how to diagnose why you might not be on top of things, and the essential tools, mindsets and processes to adopt to get on top and stay there.

Being on top of life admin tasks leads to a more organised and stress-free life. They discuss how chaos and constant reaction to unexpected events can be overwhelming and prevent you from focusing on important projects and long-term goals. 

Everyday Life Admin vs. Life Event Admin

Dinah and Mia start the episode by describing the difference between everyday life admin tasks and life event admin tasks. Everyday life admin includes recurring tasks like bill payments, decluttering, meal planning, and managing finances. Life event admin tasks are one-time events like getting married, having a baby, or buying a house. They emphasise the importance of having a solid system to manage everyday life admin to enable you to manage the life admin generated by life events.

Essential Tools for Conquering Life Admin

They discuss the foundational tools and processes needed to stay on top of  life admin. They recommend using a digital calendar to schedule and allocate time for life admin tasks, a password manager to securely store and manage passwords, a dedicated email address for life admin, and a cloud storage system for important documents.

The Power of a Mental Model

Dinah and Mia highlight the significance of having a mental model of what life admin is and distinguishing it from housework and parenting responsibilities. They stress the importance of recognising incoming life admin tasks and being proactive in planning and scheduling time to tackle them. 

Consistency and Prioritisation

They discuss the importance of consistency in staying on top of life admin. They recommend you assess your current habits and routines to identify any obstacles or communication problems that may hinder your ability to manage life admin effectively. They also discuss the importance of setting clear boundaries, delegating tasks, and prioritising self-care to ensure that life admin doesn't become overwhelming.




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