017: Meal planning & grocery shopping

Season #2 Episode #18

Dinah and Mia discuss their adoption of meal planning and hacks to make grocery shopping more efficient. This episode features an interview with meal planning expert, Nicole Avery, from Planning With Kids and Planned and Present.

Meal prep and grocery shopping hacks

Nicole gives some great tips about:

  • developing a system to share the load (e.g. shopping)
  • involving the family to suggest meal ideas
  • taking into account your family’s schedule
  • cooking in bulk to create leftovers for lunches
  • making every meal work more than once
  • meal preparation ahead of time
  • enlisting family members to help with putting the groceries away
  • where to find inspiration for recipes
  • how to get your family to try new meals
  • how to accommodate family members dietary requests and allergies
  • how to get started and use simple rules to make choosing meals easier
  • keeping it simple and not over complicating the plan.

Mia and Dinah talk about some of their techniques including:

  • using criteria to guide your plan (like Friday pizza night, fish night, breakfast for dinner night)
  • weekly planning vs monthly planning
  • buying in bulk for staples
  • using subscription services for toilet paper and pet food
  • having magnetised shopping lists and meal plans on the fridge
  • how to get inspiration for meal ideas.

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