Drop your mental load and get on top of your life admin

Set up a system that gets results and gives you back peace of mind


Life Admin Foundations is for you if you...

  • Are tired of feeling overwhelmed all the time
  • Procrastinate about the chunky life admin tasks
  • Dream of cultivating the habits and processes to just get it done
  • Prefer to preserve weekends for fun, not your your life admin backlog
  • Want to declutter your digital life.

Our work lives were under control, so why was it chaos at home?

Hey, I'm Mia.👋🏽
I remember standing in my backyard at 11pm one night, hanging laundry on the clothesline in the dark. It was the last job to get done before heading to bed, and this seemed to be the only window for me to do it. It had been a long day of working and organising things at home. My then-husband was already in bed. I stood there looking at the stars, tired and resentful, thinking something had to change. 

A few Fridays later, I met with my old school friend, Dinah, and over several wines - you know how it is -  she shared that she was close to burnout. She was exhausted by her never-ending to-do list and yet sleeping badly. Things were getting tense at home because, somehow, she seemed to be solely in charge of keeping the juggernaut going.

  • Only we knew the weekly schedule and where we had to be, when.
  • We lost evenings scanning endless emails and service provider notifications.
  • Our partners had no idea about the accounts and passwords that supported our lives.

How, as educated professionals who had always been organised and responsible, did we get to this anxious, exasperating, infuriating place?

We were ricocheting from one task to the next, distracted, stretched, and rarely able to be present in the moment

We were spending too much of our precious nights and weekends  - or lunch breaks at work - paying bills and making family health appointments.

There was constant brain chatter about all the things that needed to be done and a nagging worry that we’d forgotten something important.

There was increasing friction at home because the workload felt unfair, and appreciation for that work was scarce.

Both of us had, at times, scaled down our paid work to cope with the domestic demands of modern life.  

This out-of-control life admin was not sustainable. Not for our mental health, nor our marriages nor our careers.

We knew how to solve these types of problems

It was time to do something about it.

Between us, we had worked in operations, finance, digital user experience design and research for decades. In our professional lives, we optimised tasks, processes and tools to improve the efficiency, budgets and experiences of thousands of employees and customers. 

It was time to bring this ease and effectiveness to our own homes. 

Instead of reacting to whatever admin life threw at us, we wanted to respond in a knowledgeable and methodical way. We needed to create a system that we could operate with confidence.

We ourselves were the guinea pigs as we tested apps, websites, templates and processes to identify the ones that made the biggest impact on reducing or automating all the dimensions of life admin that drove us bananas. We trialled practical ways to share life admin within our households, looping our partners and kids into the experiment.


We shared our challenges and the results in our podcast, Life Admin Life Hacks, and took our listeners on the journey with us.

And gradually, as we tweaked the sequence of steps, found game-changing tools that did the heavy lifting for us, our system fell into place.

More days than not the mailbox was empty. The paper clutter vanished. 

Partners initiated gift buying and playdate dropoffs. The shared digital calendar gave transparency to what was going on in our lives and let others take the reins.

Fast forward to now

We have an Hour of Power every other week to nail the chunky life admin tasks that we used to procrastinate about for months - even years. We address smaller Two Minutes Too Easy or Ten Minute Time Killer tasks without the flutter of anxiety.

Our weeks feel spacious.

It feels like a luxury to achieve genuine peace of mind.


Life Admin Foundations

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Are you ready to ditch reactivity and streamline your life with a proactive approach?

This transformative 6-week course includes:

  • step-by-step processes, downloadable editable templates and checklists, recommended apps and websites
  • 5 modules with videos that help you set up foundational digital and organisational tools such as:
    • Shared digital calendar and dedicated life admin email address
    • To-do lists, reference lists and checklists
    • Cloud storage for essential files
    • Password manager
    • Time management and scheduling
    • Reducing and sharing the mental load

Content is dropped each week over 5 weeks to keep you focused and accountable and get you results faster.


What you'll learn in this course


Scheduling and time management

Learn how to consolidate your household diaries into a digital calendar, expand the inevitable and inspirational activities that belong on your schedule and carve out time for not only life admin but the fun stuff too.


Managing passwords

Learn which password managers are worth installing, how to import your old passwords and which other data to store securely, to supercharge your efficiency while minimising your cybersecurity risks.


Going paperless

We'll step you through the technology and process to crawl out from under all that paper and digitally organise the files worth keeping, to save you time while saving the trees.


Mastering lists

You'll master the different to-do lists, checklists and reference lists to free your headspace for more important things, share the load, and fastrack your sense of progress.


Reducing and sharing the mental load

Find out how to minimise and share the thinking, planning and anticipating that keeps your home humming, rather than be the one person on top of everything.


We're Mia and Dinah

We’ve heard from listeners, readers and coaching clients that they’d read time management books and tried the productivity hacks, yet they didn’t make life admin much easier.

The truth: optimising life admin is more than just managing your time better or having more time to do it. 

Life admin feels manageable when you  leverage the powerful features of your smartphone, know the right apps and sites to use, plus the right steps to take, to make life admin frictionless and able to be done in as little time as possible. It's about working smarter not harder. 

Getting control of life admin is not a matter of willpower nor personality type. There are mindset shifts and new behaviours to embrace too. You’re going to need to learn about the concepts of satisficing and over-functioning and get clear about your own priorities, boundaries and values to transform your approach to life admin overall.

We codified the system in our book, Life Admin Hacks, and now we want to teach the foundations to you.

We’ll show you the digital tools that simplify your life admin and make other life admin tasks faster, plus how to find and make time to get life admin sorted.

Just like we’ve done for tens of thousands of listeners and readers already.

"Real, useful and helpful advice that make a real difference given from people just like you."

- Bianca

"I’m half way through and I am learning so much. It’s like having a friend with a dry sense of humour show you how to get your s##t together. Congrats - it’s brilliant."

- June

"It's made such a positive difference to our lives - thanks Dinah and Mia!"

- Robyn

But but but...

Has your inner critic piped up, or have old invisible scripts and imaginary rules for yourself kicked in? It’s natural, you’re only human, and we all have these inner voices that can sabotage us when we try to change. If you’re not managing your life admin the way you want to, despite all the free advice and resources out there, it’s time to examine some deeply held beliefs that you might not even realise you have.


Where will you be 12 months from now?

Your curiosity led you here because this pain point is real.

Today you need to make a decision.

  • Make a decision to escape this state of overwhelm.

    There is a way to quieten that feeling of monkey mind. Make this small intervention now to change the trajectory of your days.

  • Stop hoping that one day you’ll magically have more time to do life admin.

    Life admin doesn’t require more of your time, in fact, with our system you’ll need less time to do life admin because we will show you how to reduce, time box and share it.

  • Quit telling yourself you just need more motivation.

    Relying on willpower and motivation for what is, let’s face it, the ‘homework’ of adult life only gets you so far. What does move the dial is getting solid advice and the systems and tools you need.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

If this is right for you, we’d love to invite you to take the course. If not, take advantage of the free advice on our podcast or grab a copy of our book.


Life Admin Foundations

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