If you dream that fairies will come and magically organise your paperwork and filing, then your dream just came true 🧚🏽‍♀️ 


Let us set up your digital system to file household paperwork, scan, safely store or shred your paperwork, and help you go paperless and get organised. 


The 1-Day Filing Fix is for you if...

📁 You're tired of spending hours sifting through stacks of paperwork, only to feel overwhelmed and disorganised.

📁 You're ready to embrace the power of a simplified, efficient, and stress-free way to file home documents.

📁 You're eager to enjoy the freedom of going paperless and harness the magic of digital organisation.

📁 You have self-managed or plan-managed NDIS funding for services that improve daily living skills for yourself or people you care for.

📁 You're supporting an elderly parent with their life admin and need to organise their home filing so that both you and your loved one can access and manage it.

📁 You're navigating separation or divorce and need a system that accommodates your needs as an individual or coparent transitioning to private and shared documents.


The 1-Day Home Filing Fix

Do you ever find yourself drowning in a sea of paper and digital clutter, desperately seeking that one important document or struggling to keep your household paperwork organised?

It's time to reclaim the space on your computer and surfaces in your home and experience the incredible transformation of The 1-Day Home Filing Fix.

💼 Professional Expertise: Our expert will swoop in like a well-oiled machine, bringing years of experience to declutter, digitise, and organise your home filing system. Say farewell to chaos and hello to pristine order.

🚀 Efficiency Unleashed: You'll witness the power of decluttering and digital organisation, enabling you to boost your productivity and take back control of your life. No more lost documents or endless searches. It's all at your fingertips.

🔐 Storage with Simplicity: We'll help you set up cloud storage and scanning apps, ensuring your documents are easily accessible whenever you need them. 

⚡️ The Power of One Day: It's astonishing how much change can be accomplished in just one day. This service is designed to bring immediate, tangible results to your life. Say goodbye to your filing woes and hello to a better, more productive you.


Set up your digital filing system

We'll create personalised folders and subfolders in either Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage to organise your essential files so you can access them from anywhere and share them with ease.

Review and reorganise existing documents

We'll review your existing digital files and paper documents with you, determine what you need to keep and organise them into the new folder structure. We'll help you access provider websites and opt into paperless communications to stop future  paper clutter coming your way.

Scan, store or shred

We'll identify the best scanning app for your situation and help you scan the paper files you need to keep, shred the ones you don't, and store important hard copy originals securely in a fireproof safe.

A well-organised home is a well-organised life.

You'll end the day with new processes to follow so you can maintain your newfound order.





  • A filing system set up in Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive 
  • Personalised folder structure with folders and subfolders that fit your needs
  • Scanning app installed on your phone and/or tablet so you can add files seamlessly in the future. (Optional paid app sold separately).
  • Existing digital files decluttered and organised into the new system
  • Existing paper documents decluttered, scanned and organised into new system, then shredded or secured in a safe (Optional fireproof safe sold separately).
  • Opting into paperless communications from your essential service providers
  • An NDIS invoice to claim from your self-managed or plan-managed budget


Additional time charged at $200/hour.

Servicing Metropolitan Melbourne plus regional Victoria and other Australian cities with an additional travel fee.

Get in touch to find out when we're next in your location.