Join us for the Hour of Power Weekly Workroom

Use this dedicated time to get your life admin done and tick off your to-do lists.

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Cowork with the Life Admin Life Hacks community

The top #2 reasons people tell us they're not on top of their life admin are a lack of time and a lack of motivation.

The Hour of Power Weekly Workroom helps solve that with:

  • a dedicated, recurring slot in your schedule to tackle your life admin
  • the power of committing to¬†other people¬†to¬†make you accountable to follow through
  • support and recognition of your progress, making life admin less like a grind and more like a productive collaboration that propels you towards your goals.

Virtual coworking is a productivity hack to achieve deep work. Also known as body doubling, this is a successful practice for people with ADHD to work on challenging tasks alongside other people.

This is your time to focus on one Hour of Power task or several Ten Minute Time Killer tasks from your to-do lists, alongside other people who are focusing on their own tasks. Together, we'll help each other stay on track.

At the start of the Weekly Workroom, we'll ask you to turn on your camera, share your goals in the chat for this Hour of Power, and then it's heads down. At the end, we'll check in with you to celebrate your progress. 

When: Friday 14 June 12pm AEST

We run sessions every week as part of The Art of Adulting program, as well as public sessions every few months. Sign up to be notified of the public next session, or register for The Art of Adulting.

Duration: 1 hour (of power!)

Where: You'll be emailed the Zoom room when you register plus a reminder an hour before the session.