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Get access to this exclusive 4-day masterclass series designed to take your life admin to the next level. With actionable tasks to craft a more spacious week, manage your money and get back your headspace, this series is thoughtfully crafted to make an immediate impact on your mental load.


Learn to optimise your life admin

🚀 It's time to unlock the psychological secrets of getting things done and set yourself up with the right environment to spend less time on life admin.

🛠️ With the right tools, processes, habits and mindsets, life admin becomes approachable and manageable.

🧘🏽 These four sessions deliver you new strategies to have a frazzle-free week and a measurable difference to your budget, your free time and your peace of mind.




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1. Your Plan to Win the Week

Identify your personal priorities to direct your time and attention, craft your Ideal Average Week and nurture positive morning and evening routines and workday startup and shutdown rituals to give structure and purpose to each and every day.

2. Cut Your Cost of Living Without Cutting Your Comforts

Discover how your money stories and money type impact your spending and saving, find and plug your money leaks, identify the bills that really matter for shopping around, and get meal planning and grocery shopping tips that can save you thousands.


3. More Motivation & Less Procrastination

Not all life admin is created equal, so you'll be equipped with the anatomy of a task, common procrastination patterns and five psychological secrets to success to getting things done.

4. Name It To Tame It: Life Admin Categories

We reveal the four dimensions of life admin that help you put boundaries around it and adopt a methodical approach, plus the five game-changing tools to tackle it more efficiently and a convenient way to time box any life admin task.


We're Mia and Dinah

We’re working mums, authors of Life Admin Hacks, hosts of the top-ranked podcast, Life Admin Life Hacks, and life admin experts. We’ve heard from listeners, readers and coaching clients that they’d read time management books and tried the productivity hacks, yet they didn’t make life admin much easier.

The truth: optimising life admin is more than just managing your time better or having more time to do it. 

In this masterclass series, we introduce you to some of the tools, habits, processes and mindsets that we've used to streamline and optimise our life admin, giving us back time, money and precious headspace.


Get the tools and strategies to level up your life admin


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  • Access to all 4 Operation Optimise masterclasses to help you make the most of your precious time, money and headspace
  • Links to resources mentioned in the sessions and during the Q&A
  • Early bird access to register for the June masterclass series, free!